Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008


BPW: when was the last time you got laid?

peter: like, a year ago. Im bout to start smashin cats, cuz they dont say no

BPW: do you ever plan on having sex with a women again?

peter: probably not a "women" if there over 16 i dont really see the point

BPW: Why do you pay 15 dollars a month to update your site only once every 2 months?

peter: i think purple rain is worth every cent i ever spent on that site. Oh and i fuckin hate that site so im tryin to get everyone to forget about it

BPW: Is it safe to say flipmode 4 is going to be nothing like the last video?

peter: no its dangerous to say without a condom

BPW: Why is there blood in your fecal matter so often?

peter: thats a good question, im not sure actually. I eat alot of hot sause, and sometimes i hold in shits for weeks, i dunno i procrastinate alot, whether its updating the site or takeing shits i just always tend to put shit off.....get it...put shit off...and yah, shitting blood hurts, than i gotta eat alot of whole grain wheat to start shitting normal again.

BPW: speaking of whole grain wheat, whos your favorite dark skinned skateboarder?

peter: shawn powers

BPW: why do you ignore so many peoples phone calls?

peter: because the more i ignore them...the closer they get

BPW: i think most people are unaware that you actually used to skate, you had full parts in classic films such as "ritalin" and "i woke up dead," is there a comeback anytime soon?

peter: yah ive been tryin to get my hippie jump game starting again. Tryin to learn a bunch of flip trick hippe jumps. But we always go to ledges and sketchy bank spots and not enough police crossing tape spots soooo i dont see myself takeing it anywhere, but who knows! you might see a trick of me in this shit....buutttt im probobly lieing. Derick lost hardflips so im the only one who can hardflip and varielflip nowadays soooo i dunno, i guess i could do one into pants pantry

BPW: this new video features a few more parts from unknown faggots that werent in the last one, care to give a brief run down of the new dudes in the flick?

Peter: it was kinda like i was jack black from school of rock. Everyone from the old video got addicted to meth so i had to find a new band of 10 year olds that could break barriers! like cement barriers! barriers that cant even be paved into transition! barriers that must be strecthed into other barriers. There isnt to much barrier footy in the video though...cause we broke them all. But some new faces would be Shawn...who skates fast and bombs hills and likes pink floyd, than you got your robert gonyon who probably likes pink floyd a little and says nigga more than your average white boy, some black dude dave who quite possibly doesnt like pink floyd at all but is good at skateing handrails..and i mean come on! a black dude skateing handrails instead of playing basketball on them..incredible. Then theres little lanzone who definatly likes pink floyd alot considering how much acid he drops. And im guessing if you drop acid you are diggin some floyd, but the acid is certainly expanding his mind and making him do OBSCURE MIND BENDING altercations. A bigger version of lanzone would be daniel zvereff who doesnt drop acid and probably likes alanis morrisete more than pink floyd. I plan on stealing all his footage so people can be like "flipmode fuck that....oh wait! dan zvereff! i know him! hes on youtube! i'll buy this video!" Than theres this guy Mcfeely. He likes pink floyd, but than agin he also likes bob dylan. Hes on globe and has really good nollie flips. His last name is pretty catchy so he might go somewhere. Im not sure if theres more random dudes buuutttt ive been writing for a while and want to stop

BPW: Do you think your better then the rest of us because you dont have a myspace?

peter: honestly....yea. But when i bring it

BPW: Something xavier veal has taught you?

peter: to always be drinking?

BPW: greatest NBA moment?

peter: oh man! probably when the knicks were down by 3 against the pacers in game 3 and larry johnson made that 4 point play in the last seconds. So epic. I remember seeing that on TV and going insane

BPW: favorite joseph t shirt?

peter: ha! uhmmmmm well he doesnt rock the spongebob one anymore. I got a kick out of the stewie tall tees. But now he just rocks plain white tees. The Sonic the hemphog was a sick one to

BPW: best pedro garboza excuse?

peter: "nah i cant skate today im tryin to catch a mouse"

BPW: how much chinese food have you and derick consumed in the last 2 years?

peter: enough that we actually made friends with the dudes at sweet rice, and probably enough to give us a heart attack by the age of 25

BPW: some people have been talking shit claiming the updates on stickupkids are "to random" what do you have to say to these faggots and their faggotry ways?

peter: uhhhh, go learn double airwalks?

BPW: Any last words

peter: uhmmmm, id like to thank my parents....for fucking....cuz flipmode is around today because of them fucking and uhhhhhhh, id like to thank jesus, becaussseeeeee he died for my sins. If you wanna look grown up dont smoke, just have good table manners and pay with credit cards. Dont go looking for love in the wrong places and dont ever join the army. Dont let anyone tell you that "you cant" unless they say it really loud and very convincing and if your gonna film a skate video just fuckin dont cause its probably gonna suck

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

return of the enders

stacking enders all day

world industries is legit...ask joseph

pretty much all the elementary schools in the city are expanding....shits fucked

Wednesday, June 18, 2008